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Starter Special - 3 weeks for $33 (Includes Uniform)

We believe no one should be taken advantage of in any way, so our program will build the confidence that enables you to stand up for yourself.

Focus, Confidence, Bully Defense, and Discipline as well as incredible Martial Arts 

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Adventure Time, exciting games, fun competitions, and trying to become the Ultimate Ninja Warrior

Get a great martial arts style workout!

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We pick your child up from school and provide martial arts classes!

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"Rise was the best thing to ever happen to our son. It taught him focus, self restraint, confidence and compassion. We watched our son excell in many aspects of his young adulthood. His grades started to sky rocket with his focus and it continues to this day. He is very driven and we give a lot of that credit to his years of attending Rise. The instructors are incredible and they all worked to bring the best out of our Son. I would encourage everyone to come to this facility and give their son, daughter or even themselves as adults an experience and to gain valuable tools that would help them excell down the road."

-Mike Wehrman

"Since the first class we can tell a huge difference in my son's self esteem and confidence! This academy is absolutely awesome ! The staff have the experience, they are caring, very professional and they also have a very nice facility. My son is 10 and he is setting goals for the first time ever! He wants to go every single day to class! We are so glad we found Rise Martial Arts!"

-Christopher Lyon

"They work hard to help students succeed without lowering the standards -- something we appreciate in the current "everyone gets a trophy" culture. When one of the kids gets a new belt, they know they've truly earned it."

-Robyn Rhinehart

"I love Rise! It's the best workout facility I've ever been to. I love that they are family owned and operated. They are always accessible if you have a question or concern. Joining a program was easy and didn't require a contract. Their prices are comparable to other places and their facility is very clean and in great condition. "

-Penny McMahan


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Martial Arts Training Pflugerville Texas
We teach, train and inspire you to RISE To Your Best in martial arts, and will show you how the Focus, Perseverance and Discipline required to do this can be applied at home, school and life.  The Self-Confidence that comes from Rising To Your Best in martial arts will empower you to be a Leader, and to achieve anything you may dream for in your life.  This is our purpose and our passion.
Flexible Class Schedules!  At Rise Martial Arts, YOU choose when you want to come to class based on YOUR scheduling needs. We offer unlimited class attendance, with many classes available 6 days a week!  For class times just select a Program above.    
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RISE To Your Best!

Would you like your Kids to have more discipline, self-control, or focus? Do they need self-confidence to stand up to a bully? Do you need them to put down the video game and spend time improving their fitness and health with a fun activity?

Are you an Adult needing to get in shape? Do you want to gain self-defense skills that will improve your self image? Do you want to challenge yourself to learn something new and gain self confidence that will benefit you on your job? Do you want to learn how to improve your diet and lifestyle for optimum health?

Simple easy pricing with NO term contracts, NO belt testing fees, NO confusing pricing plans and NO uniform fee. 

We all want to be our best.  You can RISE To Your Best!

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