Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness

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I think our adult martial arts program is a great example of functional fitness exercise. In taekwondo classes we are moving in very precise ways to learn movements that would be used in a self defense situation.  Obviously you need functionally useful movements if you are in a life threatening situation.  And to make self defense useful you need to have these movements committed to muscle memory, so in a moment of panic you don't have to take time to think of what to do.  You just do it!  That takes time and energy, which builds functional muscle strength and burns calories. Plus it has the added benefit of being mentally challenging and lots of fun, with the built in motivation of belt ranks. I started my taekwondo journey as a way of getting fit and 12 years later I am still enjoying my workouts. Of course testings and tournaments are another motivator.  To get better results as a competitor I practice more which builds strength, endurance, and burns calories. Win/win:-)  Hope to see you in some of our adult martial arts classes!

Tammy Barkley