Live Life on Purpose

The start of a new year always makes us feel like we have a fresh start.  People put together plans, goals and resolutions for the upcoming year and we feel like we have a chance to regain control of our busy lives.  Although New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap because we seldom follow through, the exercise of pausing, looking at our life and defining what is really important to us can be a beneficial and motivational experience.  After reading Andy Andrews’ book called “Mastering the 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success” I have been going through this process over the last few months.  There is a lot more to this but here is a very simplified approach:

  1. Break down your life into categories.  Some suggestions might be:
    1. Physical
    2. Family Relationships
    3. Home
    4. Professional
    5. Spiritual
    6. Financial
    7. Intellectual
    8. Social


  1. Envision what the “perfect you” looks like in each of these categories.  What would your life be like on a daily basis?  What would you look like?  How would you treat others?  How would your time be spent?  For example, in the Physical category, how much would you weigh?  Would you be “in shape”?  How would you eat?  Would you exercise consistently?
  2. Compare that to the “real you” today
  3. Come up with some specific actions that will move you closer to the “perfect you”.
  4. Review your progress periodically to help stay on track.

Another tool that can help in this process can be found at
Most of us have many areas of life that where the “perfect me” does not align with the “real me”.  Don’t worry about past failed attempts to change.  Let’s live life intentionally and with purpose.  What is stopping you? 
Steve Barkley