Choose to Persevere


Have you ever felt that way about something that you knew you needed to do?  Have your kids ever said this?  In martial arts most of the benefits are the result of the journey, and not getting to a specific destination.  Challenges, frustration, and disappointment, along with the fun, excitement and thrill of success all work together to make us better prepared to handle life situations with confidence and courage. But for most of us, somewhere along the way we lose focus, something doesn’t go our way, and we just want to quit.  If we can press through these times, eventually the joy and meaning returns and we re-gain our excitement.  As parents, here are some things we can do to help our kids when they don’t want to come to taekwondo class anymore:
  1. Make sure they are not doing something they really enjoy (ie video games) when it is time to leave for class.  Instead have them working on chores or something like that just before you leave.
  2. Have them set short-term and long-term taekwondo goals and tell their instructor
  3. Don’t make them come too often.  2-3 times a week is ideal.  Obviously every child is different; some kids, especially the younger ones, need a few more taekwondo classes to learn all their taekwondo techniques and moves.
  4. Have them talk to the instructor that knows them best,  about their concerns and why they want to quit. 
Quitting is a habit.  We nurture it if we do not use perseverance to press through failure and disappointment.  It is the path of least resistance and also the path to mediocrity in our lives.   
In martial arts the simple fact is, the longer you are on the journey, the more benefits you get.   Like most good things, the biggest rewards are only achieved through hard work and perseverance.   What do you want to give up on that you know you should not?