It's always fun to watch a movie!


It’s always fun to watch a movie!


I’d like to share some of my favorite healthy documentaries.  The one that started our interest in low carb science is “Fat Head”.  It’s a hilarious answer to “Super Size Me.”  We watched it on Netflix instant.  It is by far the most entertaining documentary I’ve watched.  We then started reading some of the books that he mentioned including Gary Taubes, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” which is probably the best book I’ve read on low carb vs. low fat.  It is really eye opening, but NOT an easy read, so thank goodness he taped a lecture.  Check out the “Big Fat Lies” lecture below and if you need more science then get the book. 


If losing weight is your goal, my health coach told me that it is 70% what you eat.  Don’t get me wrong I think exercise is very important to your health and even how you look, but if our goal is weight loss we need to adjust how we eat.  Check out some of these videos and let me know what you think on our Facebook page.




Fat Head

Food, Inc.

King Corn

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Gary Taubes “Big Fat Lies” Lecture


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