Why Adult Martial Arts? (Part 2)

In a previous post we reviewed some of the benefits of martial arts for adults such as physical fitness, self-confidence and sense of achievement, and how these make positive impacts on other areas of our lives.  Here are a few more reasons why adults should practice martial arts.


Mental Toughness

When learning and trying to perfect taekwondo there are many ups and downs along the way.  During the down times when you do not perform to the level you desire or that is required for your next rank, there is the temptation to just give up.  It takes the development of a tough mental attitude to keep everything in perspective and to persevere through these disappointments. When you challenge your perceived limitations you will have the courage and determination to overcome adversity in every area of your life.  Practicing adult martial arts allows us to develop a habit of perseverance, instead of living a life of under achieving and not realizing our full potential.  Everyone encounters obstacles in their life.  In adult martial arts you are part of a community of caring people, who encourage you, lift you up, and push you to your full potential.


A Lifetime of Learning and Perfecting a Beautiful Art Form

When performed properly many aspects of taekwondo including forms and sparring are simply beautiful in an artistic sense.  The precise line of movement, balance, power and rhythm combine to make this art form very aesthetically pleasing to the beholder.  The pursuit of this artistic beauty, and the journey to achieve it is what much of taekwondo training is really about.  So many physical, athletic endeavors can only be actively practiced and pursued at a high level by people in their athletic prime.  The practice of taekwondo can be a life long activity.  In Tiger-Rock Martial Arts it takes a minimum of 38 years to reach the highest rank.  So, taekwondo offers a lifetime of learning and achievement.


Whole Being Involvement (Body, Mind, Spirit)

The practice of taekwondo is not limited to just kicking, punching and other physical activity.  There are also mental and intellectual growth requirements.  Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has required reading material in the areas of humanities as well as martial arts.  High rank students are required to maintain a Journey Document, recording progress as well as how martial arts has impacted other areas of their life.  We are encouraged to be like the Sunbi warriors who were known as intellectual martial artists.  In addition, there is focus on the control of our spirit and emotions, internalizing the physical movements we are performing. 


You can choose to be a spectator or get in the arena.  You can just wish for a better life or you can be a person of action.  Adult martial arts will help you in so many ways to reach your full potential in life.