Rebel 2 B Fit! Eating like a rebel!

I really enjoy eating good food!  And believe it or not since joining the low carb eating craze I feel like I've really improved my cooking abiltiies.  Perhaps because eating out is alot harder now than it used to be.  Though most places don't mind exchanging a carb dense side with vegetables.  One thing I've realized is that once I got past the carb addiction...yes it's very real...breads and rice and potatoes really aren't all that tasty.  (I know, I know, to me anyway)  Check out Red Robin's bunless burgers.  The taste is in all the rest of the meal, the meat and veggies and sauces.  Eating them is just a whole lot messier=)  But breads, rice, and potatoes are very filling!  And sometimes perhaps we are filling up on the carbs rather than the vitamin rich vegetables.

Perhaps you are wondering why I talk so much about the eating side of healthy living.  Isn't the work out side of martial arts practice enough to be fit and healthy?  I've been told that what we eat is 70-80% of the fitness battle. I'm assuming most of my readers are current martial artists or Kisado Fitness students  so to really make a difference in our fitness we need to tackle what we eat also!  

Here is a story about a fellow martial artist who has an incredible healthy eating story.  Only takes 17 minutes to listen to her journey and its very inspiring.  But really I'm not sure I can eat that much!  Check it out here.