The Challenge is nearing an end!


Rebel 2 B Fit The Challenge is almost over!

Well our challenge time is almost over.  How has it been going?  March 31st measure, weigh, and count your push-ups and let us know your achievements , so we can celebrate with you!  I would love to share some of your journey stories on our blog!  Write them up or if you don’t want to write, call Tiger Rock Martial Arts and ask for Tammy or e-mail us at for an interview and I will write up your story for you.  Let your success motivate someone else!


So…what if you haven’t had as much success as you would have liked?  Time to dissect what behaviors you changed.  For years I tried to lose weight without changing anything!  Silly I know, but it’s true.  It was if I thought that wishing to weigh less would make it happen. We have to change if we aren’t happy with our current level of fitness.  We need to workout more…and eat differently. 


Were your goals too much to accomplish in 8 weeks?  Were your goals measureable?  Did you write down your starting point?  Even if you didn’t meet your goals did you make progress toward your goal?  Let’s celebrate any success that takes us closer to health!  Even if that step was simply educating yourself on healthy habits.  Some people need to research and research before they come to the place where they are motivated to change their behaviors. 


Last month I shared a couple of blogs from Mark’s Daily Apple about why we don’t do what we know we should.  He has a new blog about online tools to help.  There were some very creative ideas, but still my favorite is my striiv.  It’s simply a pedometer.  It counts steps, stairs, running etc. The striiv will count my steps well in an adult martial arts class or Kisado fitness class.  Even when I teach a kids class, I’m working on my steps so I can donate clean water to those in need.  It doesn’t count much with core work or push ups, though.  But still the concept is so great!  I’ve donated 25 bottles of water so far, walked 393,515 steps, which is 164.4 miles since Christmas.  For every 18,000 steps I take, they donate a bottle of water.  It’s not much but all I have to do is keep active and I’m helping the world! 

Check out Mark's Daily Apple blog here for some interesting ways to motivate yourself to change.