The Rewards of Routine

Over the years I have noticed that the most successful taekwondo students are those who attend class on a consistent schedule.  There are students that I know I can count on seeing at specific times every week.   Clearly they have a schedule and routine they are following, and this is contributing to their success.  In my own life I know that important things like exercise, studying, etc. have to be part of my routine or they will easily slip.  If I get up in the morning and try to decide whether or not I will work out I will probably procrastinate and not do it.  But when I say to myself, “It’s Monday, this is the day I do leg exercises”, I am much more likely to follow through.  Why, because I am not just following my feelings at the moment.  I have already decided what I am going to do and I do not let myself “re-decide” every day.  My “feelings” are very fickle and will usually lead me down the path of least resistance.  And the path of least resistance requires little self-discipline or perseverance.  It is also the path that leads to mediocrity and unfulfilled dreams. 


Success in martial arts, as in any endeavor, requires perseverance and discipline.  There will be times when we have to make ourselves do what is right regardless of whether we feel like it.  But the reward is fantastic!  People who have achieved great things never regret the work it took.  Many times they will say that it is that hard work that makes the success seem even better.  We have never given a Black Belt to someone and had him or her say, “Gee, I wish I never did this”.  Instead they are incredibly happy and proud that they persevered!


So if you have not made coming to class part of a scheduled routine, I encourage you to do so. Your routine will lead to reward.