Why I love adult martial arts!


Why I love adult taekwondo classes!


I just asked our adult martial artists to comment on our Facebook page; what do you like about adult taekwondo classes.  (Or don’t like)  So I thought it time to share a bit of my journey.


Many years ago we were a little league family.  With 6 sons on many different baseball teams, yes, spring was a busy time of the year for us.  David decided he would rather try something else and was very interested in martial arts.  While grocery shopping a young man was putting flyers on cars as I stepped out of my car with my 3 youngest, I looked at him (not very nicely I’m sure….”are you going to put that on my car?” was what I was thinking).  Thankfully this shy young man was able to overlook my glare and come over and personally invite us to try his kid’s taekwondo class for free.  Well gee, I was thinking about this anyway…so we tried out a class.  But goodness they wanted a six-month commitment.  I wasn’t so sure about that, but I bit the bullet and signed David up.  I was so impressed with the classes that two months later I signed up our whole family on a 2-year commitment! 


Now I will admit going to the first class was scary.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.  If my best friend hadn’t signed up herself and her family, would I have had the nerve? 


Which brings up the first and most important reason for adult martial arts

  1. It puts it outside your comfort zone!  I am a different person today because of that simple truth.
    1. Testing!  What?? I have to perform my form in front of people?
    2. Sparring!  What?? I have to stand in front of this huge guy who is kicking and punching at me?
    3. Testing at Nationals!  (For certified instructor)  What?? I have to do all the forms in front of a panel of judges with many, many stripes?

Now all of the above might seem to be reasons for NOT doing adult martial arts.  I have had people tell me, “I’d love to do taekwondo classes, but I’m shy.  I don’t want to test.”  I’m shy too.  It was really very hard for me to talk to a group of people.  But my martial arts journey continually nudged me out of my comfort zone until I was willing to teach an adult martial arts class. 

  1. Testing for rank is a great motivator to keep coming to class, to keep working out.  I couldn’t wait to get rid of that white belt. Not much motivation to keep walking on that treadmill.  Gee isn’t that how hamsters exercise?
  2. Martial arts practice combats all the problems you get from aging.  Loss of balance? Loss of muscle mass?  Memory problems?  All of those are worked on in a typical class.

I didn’t really want this to sound like a commercial for adult martial arts, but I’ve been on my journey since 1999 and I still get the same benefits.  I’m still nudged out of my comfort zone, still working on advancing in rank, and still reaping the physical benefits of martial arts class.