Maintenance is hard!


Maintenance is hard!


When I was in the middle of my weight loss I was on a roll.  Think snowball rolling down the hill.  Finally I was given some keys to weight loss and I was having success! It’s exciting to see a goal being fulfilled and that change is a motivator to keep on doing what you’ve been doing to see that change. 


But what is the goal in maintaining your weight loss?  Maintaining!  No change!  That’s kind of a boring goal.  Nothing is happening!  Where is the motivation? I mean we all know why we want to maintain; you can’t be in weight loss mode forever and we don’t want to do the yoyo diet.  It’s really hard work to lose a bunch of weight and I don’t want to do that again!  Maybe I need to refine my maintenance goal to: building more lean muscle mass or lowing my body fat percentage or something tangible that has a change involved.  But even with that goal wouldn’t you get to the point eventually that you are perfect?  There really is only so much muscle mass that you can build or fat percentage that you can lose…. so then we are back to maintenance! 


In my last few blogs I’ve been very open, so to continue with that openness I’ll admit I’ve gained ten pounds.  Yikes I don’t even like to think that, much less say it out loud.  I know scales don’t work perfectly in determining a change in fitness.  I’ve gained strength in the last six months, so perhaps some of it is muscle weight.  But measurements don’t lie.  If I had simply gained ten pounds of muscle, my clothes wouldn’t be tight.  I’m not going to lie to myself, or you=)


So what have I done differently this last six months than I did during the first six months of my maintenance faze?  Well I can tell you that I’m still eating my version of Paleo/ Primal.  I do not eat bread, potatoes, and sugar on a regular basis.  But I have been learning to cook some delicious meals.  I think that might be the problem; I’m a good cook.  (Or I’m really lucky at finding good recipes) And my mouth wants to taste more than my body needs.  Perhaps if I can learn to be more mindful while eating, I’ll be able to discern when I’m full and when I just want to taste more.  And I tend to cook extra to have for leftovers, so there’s always plenty for seconds.    Unfortunately I’m now eating so well that…there really aren’t many carbs to cut.  Cutting down cups of spinach or broccoli doesn’t sound like it would do much.  But cutting down on what I put on the spinach or broccoli, is probably a good idea.  So I’m back to portion control, maybe not quite so much of the Better Butter Chicken recipe from Everyday Paleo. 


I feel like I’m part of a grand experiment.  What does really work?  To lose weight in the first place, I cut both carbs and calories.  And I was brutally honest with calculating my serving sizes to get my calorie count.  I am trying to find a way of eating for life that would not involve writing every single thing I put in my mouth down on my Lose It app.  But I guess I’m not there yet in my journey.  I do have faith that I will reach that place one day though!  Well I will keep you informed of how well I can lose those ten pounds…or at least replace it with muscle. 

Hope it will help you in your fitness journey.


Here is a blog from Mark Sisson about what to do when listening to your body isn’t working.  Sometimes I think though that I do listen to my body, when it says full…I say, yeah but that food is so good, I want to taste more!