Food for Thought Kid Style


Food for Thought Kid Style

Looking on the Internet there are hundreds…probably thousands of blogs on how to eat healthy for adults.  Not many people tackle how should kids eat to be healthy.  But we all know from observation that obesity affects kids as well as adults.  Eating is such an emotional and cultural experience, and family bonding time as well; that makes it hard to change.


So how should kids eat? I mean if eating meat, eggs, fruit, and veggies are good for adults shouldn’t they be good for kids as well?  One of my new favorite blogs talked about how his daughter ate and I found it very interesting with many good points and easy principles. See below.


My favorite quote, “The easiest thing to do is to minimize the amount of sugar brought into the house.  This means we don’t have soda, cookies, candies, cakes, cupcakes, and other similar nutritional weapons of mass destruction lying around.”  =)


So some conclusions from my view point.  Not a scientist here =) or a doctor…so this is just my humble opinion.

1.    My metabolism is broken, so I have to really watch my carb count or the pounds pack on. Kids metabolisms usually aren’t broken, yet, so the goal is to keep them from breaking. 

2.    The SAD (standard American diet) tends to break metabolisms.

3.    Kids are growing and really need healthy fat.  I know, I know conventional wisdom has made us fear fat in our diets especially… (Darth Vader voice here) saturated fat.  But there is so much science out there now that really contradicts this fear of fat.  Do your own research so you are feel you are doing the best that you can.

4.    Everyone agrees that vegetables and fruits are good for you and you need protein for growth and repair.

5.    And yes, let’s get rid of those nutritional weapons of mass destruction!  Unfortunately kids like to snack and it takes planning to snack with healthy foods.  See my previous post below, Plan to Succeed.  Really trying to figure out how to help with the snacks we sell in Honor Guard…. beef jerky maybe?

6.    And last but not least, kids need exercise so bring them to taekwondo classes for some fun, exciting lessons that get them moving!


Here is Peter Attia’s blog here for some science and “Hey Peter, what does your daughter eat?” blog.  He obviously knows what he’s talking about and has personal experience.  Oh and he is a guest blogger yesterday and today on Mark's Daily Apple.


Check out NomNom. She just did a series this week on what she packed for her kids’ lunches.  This is the lady who inspired me so much on being prepared to eat healthy on vacations.  But I must admit I admired her Lunch Bots so much I just spent a bunch of money at Amazon…just warning you.

And of course Everyday Paleo is coming out with a new cookbook family style, but I think her first cookbook was plenty family friendly.

Oh I just read a blog on Whole 9 getting kids to eat veggies!  Here

Happy eating=)