WhatΓÇÖs for Dinner Week 2


What’s for Dinner Week 2


This week I thought I’d talk a bit about how I go about making a plan.  This comes rather easy for me, so I assume it’s easy for everyone.  But I get questions occasionally that make me think maybe it is something that needs to be addressed.  Plus meal plans are a part of every “diet” book or site.  So rather than giving you simply a list of our meal plans I thought I’d talk a bit about my thought processes in making up our plan.


·      First off I look to see what’s in the frig and freezer.

·      I think about what we had the previous week so we don’t do exactly the same.

·      I see if I followed my plan or if I have meals that I planned for last week that we didn’t eat which means less planning for this week.

·      I think about my schedule, late class days where I need to cook in the afternoon vs. quick meals I can cook up in a hurry.

·      More elaborate meals are always scheduled for Saturday when I have more time.

·      I usually just plan the main course…or main meat and then have several veggies on hand to cook depending on the meal.

·      Lunches are usually planned overs from previous dinners or meats cooked up specifically for lunches, hamburgers for example or browned ground beef to put over veggies.  So these are rarely planned out.

·      Breakfasts are always eggs and usually bacon…and of course COFFEE=)

(Coffee makes me smile…always.)


That’s it.  The way I plan.


This week is going to be hard.  Steve isn’t feeling well so I will be taking his responsibilities so I’m planning quick meals and crock-pot things.


Monday- left overs

Tuesday- Crock Pot Curry Chicken from Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook

Wednesday- Smokey Roast from Everyday Paleo website

Thursday -Testing Day leftovers from the two previous meals

Friday- Testing Day Chocolate Chili from the previous week

Saturday -Still working on that fish recipe from the previous week


Happy Cooking …and eating!