Frig and Freezer


Frig and Freezer


This should be the last blog on the practical side of eating healthy.  This is part 2 of the shopping list.  This is what I like to have on hand.  It’s so much easier when you’ve planned ahead and have a freezer full of meat.  We bought a half of a grass fed cow in June and still have lots of ground beef, a roast or two, briskets and lots of soup bones left.  The steaks went first…what can I say.


What else? I also have several packages of chicken pieces from the grocery store.  I like chicken thighs the best and tend to get the boneless, skinless type for ease of cooking.  The 2 packages of fish are still waiting for a great recipe.  I also have a couple of pounds of breakfast sausage.


I keep my stash of Paleo Crunch bars in the freezer as well.  Out of my sight because I would inhale them, they are so good.  These are nice for emergency food.

 Pop cycles for when the grand kids come over.  And I keep the flour in there so it doesn’t get bugs.  Since I seldom use flour it needs a little extra protection.


Now what’s in my refrigerator?


What do I like to keep on hand:


Broccoli-our favorite veggie

Carrots- or maybe this is our favorite

Onions- use them in everything

Garlic-fresh and the jars

Box of spinach and lettuce prewashed


Brussels Sprouts

Swiss Chard- no wait this is our favorite; you just can’t buy it everywhere.  Grows in the garden well though!

Haricots Verte- those skinny green beans, sautéed with garlic in coconut oil…so good, but not Steve’s favorite.



Cabbage – I finally found a really great Cole slaw recipe Yay!



Blueberries- lots of these


Strawberries when they are in season



Cutie oranges


Half and Half for Steve’s coffee

Heavy Cream for my coffee

Grass fed butter…I guess it’s really butter from Grass fed cows.

Eggs! How could I forget those! My favorite eggs are The World’s Best Eggs from Cunningham farms


Condiments mustards, sugar free ketchup, lemon juice, etc.

Dukes’ Mayo for Steve and homemade mayo for me.


Small freezer:

All kinds of nuts, I’ve heard they stay better frozen


Frozen butter




Of course the fruit and veggies do get bad if we don’t eat them quickly so I try to find the right balance.  Right now we have quite a bit but soon I’ll need to replenish my stock.  I’ve got to go finish dinner.  It’s the Crock Pot Chicken Curry tonight, so I’m fixing Cole slaw to go with.  I’m hungry=)