Why Every Martial Artist Should Compete in Tournaments



Since we have another tournament coming up very soon it seemed like a good time to talk about the why we should compete.   Tammy and I have competed in nearly every local and national tournament since we were Green Belts.   Are we some sort of competition junkies or something?  No, not really.  But I can say that one of my most memorable experiences in my martial arts journey, happened at a tournament.  It was a priceless family moment for me that would not have happened, if I were not competing.  


So here are some reasons why I recommend that all student compete:


·      It will make you a better martial artist.  When I prepare for a tournament I spend more time practicing than I normally do.  What is the result of this?  My martial arts skills improve.  No matter how I actually do at the tournament, the added time I spent practicing benefits me forever. 


·      For martial artists, tournaments are like game days.  Would you play on a soccer team and never show up for the games?


·      Competition is good for us.  It will push us and challenge us to do our best.   We compete our entire life in both school and work.  Whether we are trying to get the top grade or the next promotion, life is series of competitions. 


·      It will make us more courageous and open to getting out of our comfort zone.  When something makes us afraid or nervous, we need to run toward it.  As we face these fears head-on we gain self-confidence.


·      This is what martial artists do to test their skill and training.  All sports have a stage where the skill of the athletes is tested against others.  This is ours.    


I can tell you from experience that the students who compete regularly are the students that have the greatest success in their martial arts journey. 


Of the many tournaments I have competed in, I have come in first, last and everywhere in between.  I have had highs and lows, but I never left wishing I did not compete.  I always leave motivated and inspired to take my training to the next level.  I leave ready to work harder, and be better next time.