Is Red Meat Bad For Us?


 Is Red Meat Bad For Us?

There seems to be alot of controversy about red meat with many articles telling us how bad it is for us.   This week I ran across a couple of articles online that really made me ponder why this is, hence the blog post.


We have all read headlines about this subject, but have we dug a little deeper to find out what science the headlines are based on?  If you’ve read my blogs in the past you will recall one about epidemiological studies here and here. But it simply amazes me how the media interprets the science for their own agenda.  The agenda is for big agriculture…grains; and vegetarianism, which hasn’t been proven to be healthful.  Why has vegetarianism become synonymous with healthy eating?  Now I think vegetarianism and Paleo really have a lot in common, both emphasizing quality foods, organic, humanely raised eggs etc.  But yes differing views on meat.  My plate is usually covered in veggies, but not grains, and meat. 


I admit to being biased in favor of Paleo eating style because it makes the most sense to me from the science I’ve read.  And Paleo people like their red meat=) especially grass fed.  Why grass fed?  Because cows aren’t supposed to be grain eaters either.  Grass fed beef has a very different ratio of the good fat, the omega 3’s and… it’s really yummy.  When I eat out I worry about eating seed oil because of its inflammatory properties and the omega 6’s rather than worrying about eating red meat even though yes I know it’s not grass fed. 


Anyway here they are, enjoy.  But be warned this guy is definately a rebel and his articles do not beat around the bush.


The titles are self explanatory and hopefully not too offensive.  But I think he makes some good points.  The over the top charts showing correlations are really funny in this article. 


And here for let’s fight for healthy eating. =)