Look for some exciting new ideas!


Look for some exciting new ideas!


We just returned from a martial arts show and seminar series where we got tons of great ideas for making our martial arts school even better!  We are still processing all the great ideas we learned and trying to decide which will work for us.


Our goal is to continually offer you the best taekwondo instruction possible combining with modern martial arts to create well-rounded excellent martial artists. 


Look for:

1.     Our school app to help with communication!

2.     Reorganized class schedule.  (Don’t panic you will still have most of the same taekwondo class times to choose from.)

3.     A menu of special order merchandise.


We always come home from these events energized and ready to plan for the new year.  Yes our new year tends to start with back to school.  So look forward to many great new ideas to make your martial arts journey deeper and more exciting!