Why Test?


Why Test?


Hopefully it doesn’t seem like we over talk this!  But we really have your child’s success in our minds when we encourage them to test!  We have seen over and over again: the ones who do not test turn into quitters.  Sad but true.  The child is demotivated and doesn’t want to come to taekwondo class.  All their friends tested and moved to a new taekwondo rank and they didn’t get to.


So how do we stop this from happening?


1.     Come to class regularly!  We spread teaching the curriculum out, throughout the whole cycle, so cramming classes at the end is not a good idea.  Your child will be playing catch-up.

2.     If they do not have their form stripe by week 7 purchase a private lesson at the counter.  Private lesson are only $18 for 15 minutes.  You will be amazed at how quickly they can sharpen up a form or sparring with one on one instruction.

3.     If you have financial difficulties come to the counter and talk with Mr. or Mrs. Barkley to work out a payment plan.  $10 for 6 weeks, is just 2 Starbucks a week..


Hope to see everyone at Taekwondo Rank Testing this week!


Oh and if you have to miss it, because you’ve been out all summer…come to the rank advancement camp, August 19-23.  Only $199 for a weeks worth of camp and that includes your testing fee!