Our Team Structure


At the beginning of this cycle we announced the formation of four different teams.  Here is some background behind that.

Inspiration Team

These are White and Yellow Belts.  Everything is new, exciting and inspiring for them. 

Dedication Team

These are Green and Blue Belts.  It takes a year to make it through the material for this team.  We call it the Dedication Team because that is what it takes to make it through.  Much of the newness and excitement from the Inspiration Team has worn off and they realize that they can only succeed when they give their best effort.  Historically, most students who give up and quit, do so when on the Dedication Team.  Unfortunately, these are the same students who will quit other activities because they are not are not able to endure present discipline and yes, dedication, for future reward. 

But this is also where they are introduced to sparring, board breaking and many other new activities and opportunities to improve their skills. 

Excellence Team

These are Brown and Red Belts.  Now closer to one of their goals, Black Belt, these students are focused and excited.  Because of their dedication and hard work they are making measurable progress in improving their skills.  Taking all they have learned and practiced for the last couple of years, working to perfect it, and achieving excellence.

Innovation Team

These are the Black Belts.  Having gone through an incredible journey to reach this point, they realize that they have only begun to tap their potential as martial artists.  While Black Belt was a goal for a long time the realization that there is so much more they can achieve and accomplish brings new inspiration.

Be sure to check the handbook for your team.  There is great information and encouragement contained there.