Why Private Lessons?!


Private Lessons are a great tool!


Why private lessons?  Don’t you teach everything they need to know in classes?  Why yes of course we do!  But…it’s pretty impossible to critique the tiny movement details necessary for a great form. 


We always tell the minute details of a perfect taekwondo technique.  I can take a black belt student and ask them how to do a perfect front stance or sidekick or any basic technique and they will be able to tell me exactly how to make it perfect.  But that does not mean that they do it perfectly….Sometimes there's a disconnect between the mind and the body.


Sometimes it takes a one on one practice time to understand what the words mean in the physical.


So what are some of the things we might work on in private lessons? 

·      Sparring

·      Learning the form or perfecting the form

·      Athleticism, plyometric training and agility

·      We’ve helped stir the creative juices for students wanting to create their own free design form.

·      And now you can even get a private lesson on hyper moves!


Every Team Manual has a hidden coupon for a free private lesson, find it and use it!