My Child is a Black Belt!

My Child is a Black Belt!

We had a comment on a comment on our Facebook fan page that I’d like to take a moment to address.   The comment basically said that any school that has kids, who are black belts, must not teach real self-defense. 


I’m assuming this person has an idea in their minds of what it means to be a black belt.   


So…do we teach real self-defense?

What does that even mean? 


Honestly my goal of teaching taekwondo is NOT to teach self-defense as much as it is to teach kids self-control.  To teach kids the wisdom needed to live a life that never needs self-defense.  To me what the kids get out of their martial arts journey is so much more meaningful than simply self-defense or how to fight. 


Of course we teach our taekwondo kids what to do in certain circumstances where self-defense would be necessary and we practice those skills, honestly hoping they never have to use them.  I’ve personally never been forced to defend myself.


So what does being a child who is also a black belt mean to that child? 

That he has learned perseverance to keep coming to class and trying his best, even when he wants to stay home and play video games.

It means that he does have the skills needed to stand up to a bully and to try to avoid a fight.

It means he has practiced countless side kicks and front kicks and chops and punches and is still striving to perfect those moves, to make them even sharper and even more powerful.

It means that he is learning to pursue goals and put off immediate comfort (laziness) to accomplish something he wants.


Does a child black belt have the skills to defeat an adult attacker? …No sorry probably not.  Nor do I have the ability to catch a bullet in my hand. =)


Does a black belt child have tools to use become a great person who succeeds in life? Yes!