Life Balance!

In the Ninja Preschool taekwondo class we have been studying balance: to be centered and focused. We have practiced many fun drills to show our physical balance, but we are also talking about LIFE BALANCE!


What is life balance? Doing many different things that we love to do. Kids like to play video games. But parents, do we want them to play only video games? Of course not! We know it’s important for them to participate in many different activities to develop into the best version of themselves. Of course I’m prejudiced and think that kid’s martial arts classes is the very best activity for all children!


We talked also about food choices. Most kids love sweets but just like video games example, of course we would not allow them to only eat sweets. We need life balance in eating many different things.


Parents, do you need some balance in your life? I know personally how hard it is to make time for fun active time for myself! And I work at a martial arts school! And owning your own business can be very time consuming and tries to take up all my time! Life is so easy to get out of balance.


Let’s make some time for some activity and some alone time.  

  • Take some walks alone and with your kids (It’s finally getting cool enough now)
  • Learn something new, that you’ve always been interested in.
  • Take a Starbuck’s break on your own, without the work following you.
  • Visit a …museum or antique car show…something that you would enjoy.

Let’s be examples for our kids to not be one tracked but to enjoy a balanced life.