The Enemy Inside

How our body functions is still being discovered.   Our bodies are a masterfully woven, intricate tapestry of chemicals, organisms, tissue, organs, glands, muscles and skeleton all being controlled by a central nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic reactions, and hormones. Both voluntary and involuntary responses to stimuli occur thousands of times a day in our body. To function correctly and in proper rhythm we must remain in homeostasis, or a state of balance. Our bodies yearn and actively strive for that balance. 

When attacked our body will seek to heal itself, or enlist forces to fight off intruders. Most times the body wins and a healthy balance is restored. But sometimes it loses and disease or damage to organs is the victor.   The body will always put up a good defense, regardless.

But there is also a time when the body seems to get confused, and will actually fight against itself. In what seems completely contrary to nature we can, through external factors such as diet, induce a mutiny in our body. In the mutinous state our body actually goes against nature and will release a cascading chain of events that, without intervention, will actually build weapons to destroy itself. While that may seem implausible, that is what is happening as our body develops metabolic syndrome. In an even more bizarre twist, we unknowingly provide the weapons needed by this mutinous insurrection through our lifestyle. Bad diet and lack of physical activity are the lifelines we provide to the enemy we are supporting inside us.

If you feel like you are losing the battle for a healthy body, I can tell you, there IS hope. We would be happy to guide you to victory.