Gaining and Losing and Gaining and Losing

Gaining and Losing and Gaining and Losing


We all have a story. Few of us started out overweight. Some where in life things just got a bit out of control and we are left trying to figure out what went wrong. Just as we try to find the “Silver bullet” to help us lose weight, we try to find the “What Broke” to make the fat increase.


So how did I gain fat? Since having my last child I did not lose all the baby weight. Step one. Then I was busy, busy taking care of six children. One of the ways I showed my love to my kids was by cooking. And I’m a good cook! I made incredible home made bread from freshly ground wheat berries! And desserts! We had dessert maybe not every night but quite a few. And I loved my Dr. Pepper! So how did I gain fat? I ate more than I needed. It was easy to do! We have quick calories everywhere! Now I did not think I was eating too many calories…but I was.


Next step, I spent tons of money buying natural herbs and supplements all with the promise of quick easy weight loss. Just take this pill, just stop eating this or that, just exercise this way. It’s easy to lose weight! Add to that this diet book, that diet book, all with a very special way to make the fat come off. But…none of it really worked. Well I did lose weight, in my wallet!


After my dad passed away I decided to get serious. The doctor had a weight loss program at his the office and I committed the money again.


But the difference was…no gimmicks… it was mostly calorie reduction and cutting the processed carbs. And it worked. Seven months later I was 50 pounds lighter. But for some reason rather than believing the simple way I lost it, was the way that worked, I morphed into the oh it must have been the carbs…that sounds a lot like the Paleo way, so that must be the right way to eat! The problem is that the Paleo diet does not worry about calories or fat, just healthy food. So I managed to gain 30 pounds of it back. Because fat calories do matter! In fact some of the problems that breads and pasta cause with leaky gut are also caused by a high fat diet! Steve shook his head at it all and said I am going to create a diet and call it “The Little Bit of Everything Diet”! You laugh but I think there might just be a great truth there!


So I am now back on the calorie counting and losing weight instead of gaining, eating a little bit of most kinds of food. This is the way that is backed by science. Not as glamorous as a pill or the newly discovered whatever…but it is a way that worked for me in the past and I am expecting it to work well now too!

Join me in my journey for health!

Tammy Barkley