The Dread Teenage Years

I just realized I promised this blog and never delivered!  So here it is!  I did not have dread teenage years.  I thought teen age years were a blast!  My kids were old enough to enjoy and I trained them well as kids, so it was not hard.  


I think teens is where you reap what you sowed in the elementary age.  If you accept a bit of disrespect when they are young, you will get tons of disrespect when they are older.  


But this is also the age to step back a bit and become a coach and give them some decisions on their own.  In other words choose your battles.

Some of the battles we chose not to fight?

  1. Messy room.  Eh not really a big deal, I can close the door.
  2. Staying up way late.  Eh if you don’t wake me up, not really a big deal.   (I joked with them and told them they live in another time zone….I still have one son who lives in a different time zone, inside Austin.)
  3. Sleeping in. Same as above.



So what is important enough to choose to battle? 

Safety, if I don’t feel it is safe you can’t do it. 

Health, you need to take care of yourself. 

Respect, you have to show respect to others.  Part of respect is keep your mess to yourself. 


Don’t get me wrong I shed a few tears in this stage, but it usually was when I felt used…which comes under the respect.  If I pay for your phone, you need to answer it when I call!  If you live in my house, you need to spend some quality time with me.  


So dread teenage years?  Take a big breathe; they are gone before you know it.  Enjoy your kids while you can!  Coach them to make wise decisions that consider others.