The Long Obedience

I recently read a quote form Friedrich Nietzsche that talked about “the long obedience”. This really struck me that to be really successful in anything the only path is “the long obedience”. Anyone who has ever mastered anything had to go down this road.

We are all want the easy, quick solution to our problems. We are bombarded with marketing messages telling us there is a quick easy way. Just take this pill, drink this super-drink, do this exercise, read this book, take this course or follow this guru. So tempting to be lured into this clever trap, only to be disappointed (and poorer) in the long run.

The long obedience means consistently doing the right things over and over and over.  And there is no other path that will lead us to lasting success. 

This is certainly the path to Black Belt and beyond. Coming to class after class, practicing, and getting just a little better every day. But what a tremendous lesson this instills in us! It teaches us that consistent effort over the long run does pay off. We can then apply this anything else in our life. To any goal we want to achieve. 

So when tempted to go for the quick fix, remember, the long obedience is the path to take.