Yes, I Can!

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right!” Henry Ford.
There is such truth here!  Let’s not put limits on ourselves by claiming we can not do something.  Let’s be open to new challenges and new possibilities.
So instead of saying I can’t do kickboxing because I’m out of shape, let’s say I will get in shape by doing what I can in kickboxing class.
Instead of saying I can’t lose weight, let’s say I’m learning how to lose weight.
Because our minds are powerful things and if we tell ourselves something over and over, we make it become truth.  
I gave birth to six sons.
I am too old; I’m a grandparent.
I am out of shape.
I had knee surgery and was told only thing left to fix this is knee replacement surgery.
Diabetes runs in my family.
We can look at the reasons why we “can’t” do something or we can decide you know I think I CAN!  The above statements are me, either now or at some point in my life.  When I started martial arts training, I was out of shape.  Now I’m in pretty good shape. I never, ever thought I would be good enough to become a Black Belt.  Now, I’m a 5th degree black belt who owns a martial arts school.  Each new rank I received I said, well this will probably be my last rank.  But I kept coming to class and kept earning my stripes and my “I can’t” attitude became an I CAN ATTITUDE.  Let’s not let life issues that we all struggle with, stop us from taking the next step in accomplishing something we really want to do!