What Does a Health Coach Do?

We thought long and hard about what to call ourselves before we came up with health coach. We thought about weight loss coach, but hesitated because on one hand we do not care if you think you are skinny or fat.  But we do care about your health!  

Obesity is correlated with many of the common lifestyle diseases we have in our country which is why we are so focused on weight loss, not because we want you to look good but because we want you to live well and thrive!

So what do we do?  This is personal life coaching, everyone’s journey is a bit different, but we all need nutritious food and to move more.  We will help you take steps to improve your eating habits and to add more movement into your life.  We will educate you in proper portion control and which foods will pack the most nutritional punch for the calories. 

If you have been thinking about personal training or wanting weight loss helps give us a call to see how we can help!  We will set up a plan specific for you and your goals. 

What we are not:

FOOD NAZIS.   We will not condemn a food or group of foods, calling them evil, for all humans.  

QUICK WEIGHT LOSS:  Sorry, I know that is what we all secretly wish for…a plan that takes no work, no effort, no time…unfortunately we all live in the real world and that simply does not exist.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: even though everyone’s plan has similarities, we are all at different places in our life and things work differently for each of us.  We all need good nutrition and we all need to move!  But we are each dealing with our past challenges and successes, which makes what we can do and how we do things a bit different.