The word kinda strikes fear in all our hearts, right?  "That’s it, I’ve gained too much its time to go on a diet!”  Sigh…what does that mean to you?  To me it means, I’m going to deprive myself of the food I really like to eat for a certain amount of time, and hope I lose some weight and go back to normal in a few weeks.  And many people do lose weight on their “diet” don’t get me wrong.  BUT is your “diet” teaching you how to eat for a healthy lifestyle?  What is going to happen when you are not on your diet anymore?  
Rather than say, “I’m going on this diet or that diet, let’s say I’m changing the way I eat so I can be healthy.”  This statement says it all to me.  Why are we changing?  For our families!  For ourselves!  For a long functional life!  How long does this change last?….Forever.  Why?  Because I’m not going on a diet, I’m learning the best way to eat for my health.  This is a paradigm shift, compared to a bandaid.  And if we have been obese (which is just a 30 or greater BMI) for awhile, then we need more than a bandaid, we need a paradigm shift in the way we think about food.  Or…I’m sorry... the chances of succeeding to maintain the weight loss are slim.  I wish it were not so, believe me.  
Can we look at these changes with excitement rather than dread?  
First step?
Let’s learn what a portion looks like.
How do we do that?  Digital food scales are pretty inexpensive.  Let’s find out what 4 and 6 ounces of ground beef looks like.  So we know how much we really are eating.  Once we learn that then we can start eyeballing it.  
What about grains?  Those need to be measured in a cup.  Let’s learn what a serving of brown rice looks like, because I’m pretty sure Mama Fu’s gives us 2 servings of rice in a bowl.  
Green veggies?  I’m not really too worried about eating too many veggies.  Most of us need to eat more, right? 
Education is key!  We need to know how much we are truly eating before we make any changes on the what we are eating because I can tell you from experience you can gain weight eating healthy foods…if you eat too much of them.  
But if you are the type that needs to make a drastic change in how you eat to start the process, then go for it!  But remember when you are ready to come off your “diet” you still need to learn how to eat for life!  Don’t just get back on the same path that led to your weight gain, try something new!  Try that paradigm shift.