Little Things

There is no silver bullet. There is no ONE thing we can do to be successful. But rather it is the confluence of a thousand “little things that shape our destiny. Like attitudes, actions, connections, habits, giving and service to others. Like little streams coming together to form a mighty, unstoppable river. It’s the little things in our life that work together to create the life we want. It’s our decisions, our choices, our mindset, and our thoughts. All these, taken together over time, make us who we are.

Yes, we can point to a single decision or event that may have impacted out lives greatly. But again, it was the confluence of little things that that created even these.

So let’s be conscious of where these little things are taking our life. With respect to our health, what food choices are we making? Do we choose to exercise? Are we successfully mitigating the stress life throws at us? Or do we tell ourselves over and over and over, “It’s just one little thing. It won’t hurt me.” “Just one” bad food choice. “Just one” cigarette. “Just one” day (or week or month) of not exercising. “Just one”, over and over again And pretty soon all these little decisions add up to big trouble for our health. 

But the opposite can be just as true. Try to make “Just one” good food choice. “Just one” trip to your favorite exercise spot. Saying “No” “just once” to eating more than you know you really need. All these little things will then add up to a healthy and vibrant life!