Eating Out

Eating out is deeply ingrained in our society.  I think it would be very very hard to say to yourself, “I will never eat out, because it’s just not as healthy!”  Now it is totally true that you can make less fat and healthier meals at home but…eating out is the society we live in today.
I recently ate a great Mexican restaurant.  Great food.  They have a window in a kitchen where you can watch them cook.  Totally fascinating, but WOW they pour a lot of oil on that grill!  
So what is my plan for eating out?  I look at the menu for the healthiest options.  I like to get fish out because I have not mastered cooking fish at home.  Then I ask for substitutions.  Just about always.  Most restaurants put potatoes or rice with a meal automatically.  For me that is usually just too much dense food and since I am the one who needs to watch the calories I will usually ask to swap out the rice/potato for something green.  Most restaurants have no problem with that, some will charge a surcharge, but my health is worth that extra $1 or whatever to substitute.  Sometimes I’ll order an extra side of veggies.  
Now Mexican restaurants are a little harder to maneuver because of the the lack of veggies, but I’ve noticed more and more are adding a veggie or two to their menu.  And there are always beans to eat and they are great for you.  
Fast food…um…sorry I don’t have a lot of tips there.  We occasionally will go to a McDonalds or Chick Filet when we have the grandkids.  Usually I’ll get a salad or chicken strips.  Freddie’s will do your steak burger as a lettuce wrap!  Way messier than with the bun, but I’m not eating the bread so I deal with the mess. Is it the best?  No, but this is the world we live in now and we have to be able to maneuver through the healthy pit falls.  
Will one less than healthy meal do you in? Only if you let it derail your commitment to a healthy lifestyle!  The R Method is a lifestyle method not a quick fix and we need to learn what choices we can make when their aren’t perfect choices.