Summer Time!

Summer Time! Is fun time! Many of our students take an extended vacation to visit family during the summer and miss several weeks of classes. Don’t get me wrong, family is important and vacations are important too, but sometimes kids are hesitant to come back to classes after a break. I wanted to go through some common thoughts.

  1. Honestly I have felt nervous coming back from a break. I do not know why, but the nerves were there, even as an adult. So lets all understand, that it can happen and plan for it. Private lesson are available in 15 minute sections that just might be the trick to reconnect with their favorite instructor.
  2. Kids are disappointed that they missed a testing and their friends are a higher rank. Prepare your children ahead of time that this might happen and it is ok. Everyone’s life journey looks a little different and you don’t have to keep up with your friends. We are offering all rank classes now, so it won’t be such a drastic difference, if their friends moved to a different class. And of course there is Level Up camp, where they get a whole cycle of training and a testing in one week of camp!
  3. Kids get worried they forgot everything. Talk to your kids about the difference between muscle memory and thoughtful memory. They might forget the specific moves to a form, but their muscles won’t forget how to kick and punch. A private lesson to work on basics or relearn a form can work wonders with this fear.

Please take a few minutes to talk these fears over with your child. If they know ahead of time that they might happen and there is a plan in place to help. A long term martial arts training plan has great benefit to a child. It will help them stand out in a crowd of people. Your child stuck with something that creates discipline and courage and strength of character!