Changes, changes!  Why is it important to change?  If you do not change, you are not growing and becoming better! 


We are committed to serve you and present the best class experience we can. Which means we have to change! Sometimes change means trying something new…that fails.  And that is OK!  Failure means we were brave enough to try something new, but we will learn from our failures and try something else!  That is also what we want to teach your kids!  Failure is OK!  Failure at something new means we are growing. Is there really only one right way to do things?? Let’s be brave enough to try new ways and risk a failure to learn and grow.


How have we changed?

We have added life skill stripes that we award as we catch your child trying their best!  This has been a great change!  I love awarding kids for trying hard! 


Public speaking is the number one fear of adults.  How do we help?  We have added Leadership Class!  Leadership class uses an amazing methodology we learned from Mastery Martial Arts. Each child gets many turns to lead a small group in a set script.  This does amazing things for your child’s confidence! 


Schedule changes for all ranks and all ages to make your life easier to schedule class times!  This one has had a few challenges, but we will keep innovating until we have the best plan...until we find a new idea that will help us RISE even more!