Blue Stripe Challenge

Blue Stripe Challenge!

What is it?  And why?

Self-defense is important!  But honestly rarely used in life…don’t get me wrong, I am glad that I know how to defend myself and knowing I have that ability gives me confidence.  But I have never had to use it!

What I have had to use are the life skills that martial arts practice has instilled in me.  I use those life skills daily

Let’s take this cycle’s topic, discipline!  Do you use discipline in your home life?  Work life?  If you are a successful person then the answer has to be YES!  Successful people are disciplined people. 

 So how are we teaching your child about discipline?  We talk about the 4 levels of discipline every class.  If your child is focusing (another great life skill for success!) then they should be able to tell you the 4 levels of discipline without having to think very hard.  We help them show discipline by putting their shoes where they belong, not kicking their partner too hard, correcting their front stances in their form and keeping their hands up after kicking or punching.   All little things…but the result is a deeper understanding of what being a disciplined person means! 

Honestly teaching the kids about discipline has encouraged me to be personally more disciplined.  Little habits developed over time makes a world of difference in our lives! 

So why do we ask the kids explain the levels of discipline to you?

  • Gives them a chance to show off to mom and dad.
  • Gives you an opportunity to explain how doing…something at home…is a good way to show their discipline.
  • Helps you understand that while yes, we teach martial arts, martial arts training is way more than kicking and punching!

So, what are those levels?

  1. I make myself do what is right, when someone tells me to do it.
  2. I make myself do what is right, all on my own, because I know it is right to do!
  3. I make myself do what is right, even when I don’t want to do it!
  4. I make myself do what is right to help others around me!